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SmarTV solutions are based on Web Services technologies. SmarTV supports the use of industry-standard Web Services such as HTNG or HL7 for data integration; however, if other companies involved in the integration are not compliant with the industry standard, we can design and develop a set of Web Services that act as a gateway between SmarTV solutions and the client’s current applications. This integration gateway exposes a set of Web Service interfaces required to support the feature set chosen for the implementation.

SmarTV determines the features of the gateway based on the client’s existing integration methodology, capabilities, and preferences for how best to extract the needed information from the applications to an intermediary file, database, TCP stream, etc. SmarTV solutions are extremely flexible about how the information passes between the system’s applications and our gateway services. The gateway monitors the applications and signals our solutions based on information changes with the systems. The gateway also provides a Web Services interface used by SmarTV to update information back into these applications.