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SmarTV Patient Services
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PatientSmarTV creates a safer, more comfortable environment and facilitates care in assisted living centers, hospitals, and other types of healthcare facilities.

Entertainment and Education

...for hospital patients

Patients can use the in-room television to view required educational materials, access entertainment, and control their room environment including lighting, shades, and room temperature. Entertainment options include broadcast TV, video on demand, internet access, and gaming. Mobile and web applications are also available for in-room use and for post-discharge education, prescription renewal, and communication with their care team.

...for assisted living residents

Assisted Living residents can choose from a variety of entertainment options, including broadcast TV, video on demand, pay-per-view, DVR, OTT content, and internet access. They can also use the in-room television to access the amenities the facility offers (spa or beauty appointments, dining, prescription and transportation services) and use "click to call" features to contact friends, facility staff, and on and off site services.

Staff Workflow

EMR integration allows instant access to/updating of records through a TV, tablet, or smart phone. ADT system integration lets staff electronically update instructions and shows where the patient is in the care lifecycle. Having all of a patient’s medical records available electronically minimizes manual errors and gives staff confidence. Staff has instant access to medical records, prescription ordering, and verification of compliance with required educational materials from one central location. Call triggers and mobile device interaction enable quicker response times. Staff can also control room environments remotely or while in the room. A consistent UI across all areas of the facility enables a quick learning curve.  

SmarTV Patient Features