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Keep your customers connected with MobileSmarTV solutions that support internet access, data sharing, video, automation control, e-transactions, amenities services, property management, and communications services for the hospitality, healthcare, and commercial marketplaces. Our mobile applications are available for iPhone, Android, and Windows phones, and connect your customers to everything your facility has to offer regardless of their location.

For hospitality Hotel guests can order room service, explore the local attractions, make a spa appointment, control in-room devices, check in/check out, and watch TV from their mobile phone anywhere on the property network. Hotel staff can respond to guest requests, and record housekeeping and maintenance activities while offering a greater level of service.

For healthcare Patients or assisted living facility residents can access entertainment or educational content, refill prescriptions or receive medication reminders, and stay in touch with their caregivers. Caregivers can access medical records and record vital statistics directly to a patient's chart, order prescriptions, and record compliance with educational content.

For businesses Stay in constant contact with your customers and prospects with MobileSmarTV for businesses. SmarTV can build a customized application for your business, or you can use our content management system and software platform to build mobile applications that help you obtain feedback, enable customers to share information via social media outlets, and advertise your products and services.

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