SmarTV, Westerville, Ohio, 43103, Company Overview, SmarTV Logo

SmarTV Entertainment offers your customers more: more channels, more movies and pay-per-view events, and more streaming option. Give guests an unforgettable entertainment experience that rivals what they have at home.

Free To Guest TV
SmarTV offers an entertainment solution with robust content services including multiple channel lineups and international streaming content.

Video On Demand and Pay Per View
SmarTV offers first run, catalog, and long play options for Video On Demand along with pay to watch options for sporting events and concerts.

Over-the-Top Streaming
SmarTV offers OTT streaming using integrated Chromecast through our STB-4000 set-top box. Guests can stream Netflix, HBOGo, Pandora, Hulu, WatchESPN and more, as well as their own photos, music, and videos using our secure Forti-Fi access point.

Tiered Internet service
Enhance revenue by offering tiered Internet service and upsell capabilities based on content consumption.