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AdSmarTV makes TV pay. Our patented platform creates transparent guest engagement by offering advertisements that feel like amenities. The SmarTV Ad Portal interactive website lets local and national sponsors upload and place targeted advertising on SmarTV TVs and mobile applications. Hotels, hospitals, and business can select advertisements uploaded by potential sponsors that conform to their brand and audience.

Ads are local or national, or the hotel, hospital, or business can advertise their own amenities and services. The cloud-based advertising web portal can be accessed by advertisers to upload their content, check availability, bid on space, sponsor sections of the user interface, and monitor statistics. Over 12 different advertising types and sponsorships are available within the SmarTV user interface for targeted consumer interaction.

All advertising revenue generated from the ad portal and national sales team are split with the client to help offset the cost of content services and technology implemented by SmarTV.

SmarTV Ad Platform