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AdSmarTV offers a number of attractive options for clients and advertisers. With local or national slots available, and a wide choice of formats (interactive, sponsorship, meeting advertising, broadcast advertising), ads can be precisely targeted and clients can earn revenue from advertising sales.


GallerySmart provides galleries of category-based local and national advertising. Guests viewing amenities (such as dining or spa services) on their in-room TV will see a gallery with clickable ads related to that service. Guests can also click through to make reservations, view a menu, look at a map, read reviews, see hours, etc.


GuideSmart provides TV program guide advertising space for local or national sponsors. When guests view the TV Program Guide and select a specific program, an interactive ad appears alongside the program info. Guests can click on the ad to find out more.


MeetingSmart provides hotel event-related advertising space for local or national sponsors. Meetings and event sponsorships are sold by the hotel or SmarTV.


FolioSmart offers context-based ad space for local and national sponsors on the guest’s folio page. When guests view their folio, sponsored ads appear on the right side and squeeze the view to the left for a few moments, then disappear. Ad options appear beneath the view while the ad is present and disappear along with the ad.
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